CaixaForum needed to take a step forward as the cultural branch of Obra Social “la Caixa”. One that necessarily had to focus on the users and their way of understanding the universe of the brand.

CaixaForum's multidevice home

To that end, we came up with a new digital multi platform space connecting users, content and ticket sales. Mobile devices became central to the experience. We created a space that would adapt itself to each one of the eight CaixaForums around Spain. And so it was.

In this new framework, content also needed to keep up and change so it could to talk to the user directly. To this end, we developed and implemented a style guide for the platform and edited the contents.

Obra Social “la Caixa” is a foundation of such magnitude, that the change of approach we were implementing had to be supported by new tools and processes. Those tools Miles conceptualized and prototyped, are part of the backbone of the foundation's content management today.

Results from the first 6 months:
+200k monthly visits
65% visits on mobile devices
+20% conversion
+2 minutes average stay in site