GINRAW is a Barcelona-born brand with a start-up spirit. A brand conceived to make a difference from the very beginning. Its design, the product itself, even its price. Conceptually build around haute cuisine with its “Gastronomic Gin”, the brand had to take a step to a broader universe.

Parfum Master at GINRAW's set prepared for shooting

For that, we had to rethink their storytelling, make them grow. And we had to do it while scrupulously respecting the brand's values. To do this, we had an international team with whom we explored the essence of the exclusivity, the uniqueness and, why not say it, the unnecessary aspect of perfection.

A pure branding exercise that took the form of a corporate video, a brand book, and a photo shoot for their drink strategy book.

Ginraw. Madness for Perfection.

Watch the video GINRAW Madness for Perfection